5 very good reasons to keep your van secure!


Whatever your job, electrician, plumber, landscaper, equipment or construction professional, you have been one day, or will be faced with this matter of tools storage in vehicle.


Here, we have identified 5 reasons to organize properly your vehicle:


1. Security

A tool poorly or not secured at all quickly becomes a dangerous projectile facing the vagaries of the road, not only for you and your colleagues but people around too.

In most of countries, the Highway Code provides for penalties for the lack of precaution in vehicle storage.


Even while you are parked, a tool not secured enough can very quickly become the cause of a serious injury, leading a work stoppage.


To keep your van secure

2. Time-saving

A lack of attention in the organization of vehicle is bound to have effect on your effectiveness. How many useless trips to find a forgotten tool in workshop? How much harmful effort to turn the vehicle upside down, to find a lost tool?


3. Economy

Unnecessary travel and waste of time to find a tool have a direct impact on the profitability of your company.


On the other hand, a poorly stored tool can affect its good condition in time.


Finally, how many tools redeemed   after having thought wrongly that they were lost?


To carry up to 5 tools with only one hand

4. Space-saving

A tool fastened along the bulkheads or sometimes to the ceiling gives opportunity to optimize space, for better ergonomics.

 Tips on keeping your van secure

5. Image & communication

Communication is often very difficult to master and beyond the points already listed, a poorly organized vehicle risks to discredit you to your clients, or to find new markets.