10 tips to store garden tools in all safety

1. Enjoy your relax time

If gardening is good for health, unnecessary travels are rather tiring! Gardening and having its tools at hand is quieter. Choose therefore solutions to move from your shed to your garden with your tools in all safety.

garden tool trolly

2. Save time

If for you gardening is a kind of marathon where you struggle to look for your garden tools, to bring them with you, to clean them and the last to store them. Say stop!

Go for reliable tool holders where it easy to put in and out the handle. Prefer tool holders manufactured to last even after years of intensive use.

3. Carry your tools safely

Instead of carrying 2 or 3 tools over your shoulder, or to fight to put everything in your wheelbarrow, choose an all road garden cart with tool holders.

to carry 5 garden tools with only 1 hand

4. Save space

Use the walls and ceiling to store your gardening tools, this will make room on the ground.

make a shed tidy

5. Have stored and easily accessible garden tools

Reach its garden tools is sometimes a real fight. To avoid the stunts, it is much better to select Tool Holders that can be fixed horizontally, vertically and even the ceiling. Your Tool Holders must be flexible enough to be adapted to your garden shed or your workshop and not the contrary.

Because your needs evolve, prefer multipurpose tool holders, easy to fix on wood, brick, concrete, metal or even on a trailer adapted to any shape of handle : round, flat or whatever) Available for rakes, forks, shovels, spades, pickaxes, axes, loppers, secateurs and even for a vacuum cleaner hose.

6. Think about security of children

If you can’t always keep an eye on your children around you, one tool holder which locks tools perfectly is essential. It will discourage more daring.

7. Don’t spread out tools all over the place

What's more dangerous to store at random brush cutter on the wall? A rake or a cutting tool spread out in the shed? Choose tool holders which firmly maintain tools.

8. Store tools upside down

Storing a garden tool the head down is preserving your face an unfortunate encounter with iron part.

9. Want easy maintenance

Some solutions give you opportunity to clean tools head and garden trolley at the same time. It is to take a little more time to relax.

Cleant garden trolley

10. Make choice of security and reliability

Do not joke with safety! Price first  to store garden tools can be quickly a risky choice: untimely injuries, unreliable tool holders to change regularly, tools not properly stored, so buy in duplicate.