1. The Porti’tou products are they dedicated to domestic or professional markets?

- Both. If some of them have been only designed for a professional use, most of them can be used both, by professionals or individuals.

2. Which kind of professionals can use the Porti’tou products?

- At the beginning, mainly the landscapers were convinced by our products. Nowadays, many professionals are Porti’tou users: artisans, firemen, defense, agriculture, food industry, public works…

Our last innovations have given us the opportunity to reach new markets, that is to say the professionals sensitive to better work conditions in industry and for instance to prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

3. The Porti’tou products are they still reliable after many years?

- Yes, for sure. Our products are designed from the best raw material.

Our first customers, located beside the sea (Brittany – France) have been using our products since 2002, with the same intensity as before despite poor weather conditions which involve harsh tests.

Our first communication tool is our customers themselves. That’s why we must be inflexible in term of quality and reliability.

4. Do you have any spare parts available?

- Yes. Not only our products are designed to last but in order to give them a second youth, spare parts are available too.


5. Why do you say that the Porti’tou products are unique and multipurpose?

- Our unique and patented system to secure handles is the only one to store tools horizontally, vertically or even upside down to the ceiling. Whatever the handle shape, round, oval or flat, the tool is really secured.

Our tool holders are adapted to garden sheds, workshops, vans or trailers.

6. Where are they made?

- From the beginning, they are made in France and specifically designed and made in Brittany. Our will has always been to master the whole industrialization chain of our products and to capitalize on the local skill.

Do you develop specific products?

- Our R&D team gives us the opportunity to analyze your needs in several areas: the tools storage, the tools securization and to find solutions for better work conditions in industry. So, please do not hesitate to contact us!

7. Are your products delivered already assembled?

- The most of them. However, due to logistics matters, we send few unassembled products. So it means for our customers an easy and quick assembly once the parcel opened.